Wedding Photo Destroyed By An Unassuming Presence

Wedding Photo Destroyed By An Unassuming Presence

Life decided to play a vile joke on these two newlyweds when all out of nowhere they noticed a strange presence photo-bombing their wedding photo.

Take a look at the picture closely.

You can spot the newly-weds posing for the photographer minutes after they’ve had rice thrown all over them coming out of the church. Their faces are glowing with happiness. They are pressed to each other closely, standing cheek to cheek, looking at the camera with these looks of unbridled bliss.

Well, that bliss surely didn’t last for long.


After posting the photo to everywhere on their social media in order to share their happiness with their friends, the bride and the groom noticed something very strange. People in the comments section pointed them to a creepy face lurking from the space between them.

Turns out, someone else was more than happy to share their happiness and holy matrimony with the happy couple.

Who are ye lurking from the shadows?

The groom, Kevin Matthew Dennis, took to Reddit to share this unfortunate happenstance with the public.

“Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo…Until we saw what was between us…We still don’t know who it was.”

The users were quick to start playing the guessing game. Some of them commented that the figure looked like “Smeagol after the Precious,” or “Vigo the Carpathian.”

Christina’s sister was the only one to come forward and be fair enough to say that even though she wasn’t quite sure, it might have been her accidentally photo-bombing their wedding picture.

“Her [Christina’s] sister said it might be her but that face looks absolutely nothing even close to hers,” Kevin wrote on Reddit. “That face looks like a baby face imo [in my opinion.]”


Looking at that photo for the long, I figured I’ve somewhere in the past seen a similar creepy-looking face like that.

And that is Aphex Twin’s alter ego face. But he is an English electronic musician and even though his early videos had that same creepy face feature them, it couldn’t have been him.

Kevin and Christina were lucky enough that they are still a few decent people left on this Earth, so one of the Reddit users offered to photoshop the face out of the photo and bring the couple back a smile on their faces.



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