Pictures To Prove That These Dads Got It All Wrong

Pictures To Prove That These Dads Got It All Wrong

When mom is gone, that means you are under your dad’s control. Let’s just admit it now, these guys sometimes really have a hard time to get things right around the kids. The house turns to chaos if moms are not around to give them directions. I mean, you won’t even believe what these dads have been up to. When you see the pictures below, you will be in hysterics, honestly. !

1. You can see it in her face that she’s having a bad day here. Poor girl!


2. When mom is not at home to do your pony tail, dad has it all figured out for you. Very creative!


3. If only mom could see this. Every kid wants a visit from the tooth fairy, but this is clearly not the right way to do it.


4. I seriously don’t know who looks more terrified in this picture.


5. You should keep your kids clean, especially when they’re little babies. Is licking them a way out?


6. When dad’s on babysitting duty, nothing can get in the way of video games.


7. Spending quality time with your kid while crushing them. Well, what is this actually? Does he even know she is there? Who is taking this picture?


8. You should always let your kid be open about new things. Is beer allowed, though?


9. Now, isn’t this something? Carrying your daughter all day long can be hard sometimes, and when you gotta go, you gotta go.


10. Good effort, but what is this? At least the kid looks happy.


11. From all the things in the world, I know this is not the right way to teach your kids how to swim.


12. Instead of getting a bottle of milk, this baby gets a bottle of KETCHUP!


13. Being there for them…five days later.


14. Taking them to the store to go shopping.


15. “Oh, look! A penny.” Okay but you don’t have to put the poor kid upside down.


16. Teaching them the value of both exercise and rest.




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