Meet The 20 Terrible Designers Who Failed

Everything you use in your life, from the smartphone to the toothpick was designed by someone. And as long as you don’t notice anything wrong with the objects, or they’re easy to use, it usually means the designer did a good job. Unlike the designers below who just failed at the task!

Thanks to ViralThread, you can now take a free class in design. More specifically, this course is called Bad Design, or How Not To Design Stuff, or How To Miserably Fail At Design.

1. Hmm, it’s like I’ve seen this before…


2. Is that Christmas tree ornament a baby, or a severed finger?


3. Someone’s getting shot, or also known as a failed dentist’s sign.


4. What year is it?! Have I somehow traveled forward in time to the year 20170?!


5. How are you supposed to know if the bottle is not transparent?


6. Someone failed to read their own book I see. Tsk tsk tsk…


7. This designer paid special attention to making the hand look masculine!


8. All I’m seeing is “CAR ACCIDENT WHAT TO DO?”


9. Oh, cool. Finally a toilet just for me! I’m a disabled elderly pregnant child.


10. Isn’t this the easiest way to enter a phone number, huh?


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