Is Someone Hacking Your Phone? These 6 Signs Might Be Trying To Tell You So

Nothing is safe on the internet anymore, so how do we really protect our private information? Whether that would be texts, phone calls, or emails from potential hackers? There are some ways that we can protect ourselves and be sure that no one is spying on us.


While we used to protect our laptops and computers, now the time has come to protect our phones. Down below you can see six signs that your phone has been hacked and how to stop it from happening.

Let’s see how you can notice that your phone has been hacked first.


The first way is for a hacker to take your phone and install spy apps or using an unprotected Wi-Fi network like the ones in a cafe or airport.


Since it’s a public Wi-Fi network, everyone around you can share or see all your traffic.


If you charge your phone with an unknown USB port and cable, there’s a risk that your information is transferred and can be revealed.


SMS phishing is when a text message about bank statement or money transfer has been sent to a receiver and that message is open and downloaded, it can release a virus onto your phone and reveal sensitive information to whoever sent the message to you.

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Signalling System SS7 is used by most telephone stations around the world, which can easily be infiltrated by hackers who want to listen your phone calls, read your messages or track your location.


Here are six ways to tell if your phone has been hacked or not:

1. Phone battery

If your phone battery never seems to last enough, there’s a chance that there is an unknown app running in the background of your phone, which could turn out to be one of those mystery spy apps.


2. Restarting

If your phone is restarting itself, turns off or starts apps and dials random numbers it can easily be a hacker trying to infiltrate your phone.


3. Is your phone constantly warm?

If it is warm or hot even though you don’t use it that much, that could be another sign that there are some unwanted apps running in the background.


4. Unknown numbers

If you see unknown numbers in your recent calls that means someone is tinkering with your phone against your will.


5. Control

If you can’t control simple apps and turn off your phone, then it can be a hacker behind the deficiencies.

6. Echoes or noises

If you hear noises or echoes regularly during your phone calls, this could also be a sign that someone is listening in.


And finally, if you get a message with a full URL code, just don’t open it. If you are charging your phone with a foreign cable then choose the “only charging” option. Turn your Wi-Fi off when connecting to a public connection.

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