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It’s that time of the year again! The 14th of February, the day the world has decided is the perfect occasion for lovers everywhere to express their feelings for each other by buying stuff. Flowers, cards, chocolates; basically, all sorts of things meant to demonstrate just how deep the affection runs between the two of you.

But you have to keep the romance alive by being inventive. Getting the same old card and the same old roses is so booooring! You know how you can improve your Valentine’s Day gift game? By injecting a healthy dose of humor! Remember these hilarious gifts and how awesome they were? Everything is better when it’s funny! The people on this list compiled by BoredPanda know it, which is why they chose to get their significant others gifts that are bound to make them chuckle!

1. There are few things funnier than aloe vera puns…


Source: mustangsarah

2. Whoa, this guy means business! That phone will last longer than forever!


Source: jung007

3. When your girlfriend is a microbiologist


Source: The_UV_Catastrophe

4. A valiant effort, Domino’s, but one that was bound to fail


Source: chopped_broccoli

5. Balloon gift goes horribly wrong: bear stuck inside begs for a quick release from its suffering


Source: djmushroom

6. Mwahaha! You’re stuck with me!


Source: Lndubs

7. When you get the combination of sweet and smutty just right


Source: Reprimize

8. This is a common mistake: asparagus does look identical to daffodils…


Source: _meganwhite_

9. What a roller coaster of emotions!


Source: VaginalHubris86

10. Is it even possible to love someone that much?


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