16 Weird Photos Of Coincidences Proving There Are No Coincidences

Life is weird. It’s so weird that some people actually believe we live in a giant simulation, sort of like the Matrix. And some things really make me stop and wonder sometimes. Like, wait, did that just happen? Or other times, the timing of something will just be extraordinarily perfect. Uncannily perfect.

Huh, did I just have a deja vu? Weird. Did I just… Die in a video game and reload my last save? Huh. Could be. Maybe one day you’ll see me on one of these pictures below. Here are 16 weird coincidences that will make you think there is no such thing as a coincidence, courtesy of Providr.

1. A third leg, an alien, or Google’s cameras glitched again? Also… Is that a leg or something… Else?




Source: Imgur

3. I went outside for the first time this month, and the trees weren’t properly rendered. Damn it, time to upgrade my brain.


Source: Imgur

4. Ummm. Red grapes, green grapes… Why not enter the cheat code for both?


Source: Imgur

5. Go home little flame, you’re drunk!


Source: Imgur

6. I’ll have to go with Photoshop on this one.


Source: Imgur

7. Twins? Clones? Photoshop? A glitch in the Matrix? So many possible explanations, no single answer.


Source: Imgur

8. Someone in the rainbow creation department fell asleep on their keyboard.


Source: Imgur

9. Oh, come on! I’m OK with twins looking almost exactly alike, but dressing the same and having their limbs in the exact same position? This is too much, life!


Source: Imgur

10. “Alright girls, just stay cool. If we pretend we don’t know each other, no one will think we’re actually clones.”


freestar.queue.push(function () { googletag.display(‘Metdaan_970x250_970x90_728x90_300x250_336x280_320x50_320x100_2’); });

Source: Imgur

11. This looks like a setup for “Dude Where’s My Car 2”


Source: Reddit

12. Well… This will give me nightmares for real now. And I won’t be able to stop looking at my reflection in ponds.


Source: Imgur

13. When you clone yourself and you get so exhausted from doing it that you fall asleep.


Source: Reddit

14. Imagine them having a discussion about the same article later?


Source: Imgur

15. Is that a real cat, or just a reflection of the… Real cat? My brain. It hurts!


Source: Reddit

16. When you go out and have lunch with your other self from the parallel universe.


Source: Imgur
From: providr

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