10 Sweet Things Every Man Should Do For His Pregnant Lady

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and most difficult experiences a person can have. However, society almost always places the responsibility of ‘dealing with the kids’ squarely on the woman’s shoulders and anything that has to do with pregnancy is basically just the mother’s business.


Well, it is and it isn’t. It’s true that it’s the woman who does the carrying and delivering of the baby and, naturally, it’s up to her to take good care to eat well, stay fit, and keep in good health for the sake of the little one. Still, all of that doesn’t mean that the man doesn’t have a major role to play in this process. After all, he participated in the conception, and a grown man understands his responsibility of making sure the long months of pregnancy are as easy and comfortable as possible for his lady. The nine-month journey can be very confusing, uncomfortable, and overwhelming, and a pregnant woman needs her partner’s help, love, and support more than ever.

Here are 10 things the ideal man does for the future mother of his child, courtesy of MomJunction.

1. He’s present at every single appointment



Whenever you have an appointment at the doctor’s office or with the midwife, he will always be there, no matter how busy his schedule is. He knows that these meetings are a source of vital information that concerns both parents.

2. He does his research

A responsible man knows he needs to get his homework done. So he reads all those baby books, he gives himself a few nightmares by googling scary complications, and he pays close attention to what your doctor/midwife is saying. Staying informed is key to keeping calm.

3. He gives you space to have an honest meltdown



Pregnancy is beautiful, but that’s just one side of it. The other one is very messy, painful, and emotional. Sometimes you might feel like you shouldn’t be complaining about becoming a mother because what would people think? Stop caring about that: your man knows you’re going through a tough time and that the fact that you’re ranting doesn’t mean you won’t be a great mom.

4. He accompanies you to birthing classes

Yes, you’ll be the one doing the birthing, but he’ll be right there beside you in the delivery room. Which is why he knows it’s important for him as well to practice breathing and the other maneuvers that will help you on D-Day.

5. He isn’t afraid to reveal his concerns



As we mentioned earlier, pregnancy is an emotional period, but not just for you: you mustn’t dismiss your partner’s feelings! He might also be dealing with the same confusion, doubts, and fear as you are, but because you two are a team, he knows that he can count on you and tell you all about his internal goings-on.

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6. He trusts your instincts



He has read everything that can be read and he’s learned all the techniques to be learned. However, regardless of all that information, he still trusts your instincts and he is aware that no-one knows your body better than you.

7. He makes sure you have everything you want and need



While you’re fighting to deliver a baby into the world, he will be there fighting with you. He will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible in the delivery room and that includes chasing away people who bother you once you get there.

8. He cuts you some slack



He understands that it’s the hormones that make your emotions go up and down all the time. He’ll never hold it against you if you’re acting a bit crazy.

9. He contributes more around the house



He is conscious of the fact that you need to take things easy and he will take it upon himself to do most of the chores around the house. You won’t even have to ask him: he’ll be there doing the laundry or other chores all on his own.

10. He goes to the store to satisfy your midnight cravings



You want some ice cream and pickles? Or perhaps a nice spicy dish from your local Indian deli? He’s on it! Yes, he might grumble and mutter a bit, but he’ll make sure you get whatever your heart desires!

From: momjunction

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