Twenty Incredible Photos Taken Just A Moment Before Someone Failed

There are over 7,6 billion humans on planet Earth right now. Which means there probably 7,6 billion cameras too, because nowadays everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone. And they’re all taking photos!

Almost nothing can be kept secret anymore. I mean, just take me for example. I take photos when I’m bored. I take photos when I’m waiting in line. I take photos when I drive. I take goddamn photos when the dentist is checking my teeth.

Maybe that sort of behavior will become a diagnosis sometime in the future. But until then, people will be snapping photos, like crazy, of absolutely everything. Which, let’s be honest here, makes for some crazy funny photos! Like “the moment before someone falls on their face” funny.

Basically, we’ve transformed reality into an endless episode of Jackass.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at all the awkward, fascinating, and hilarious photos below. Each and every one of them celebrates a single, painful moment – just before experiencing a major fail!

So, put a safety helmet on, and scroll down. If you dare!

1. Who needs banana peels when you have soap bubbles?


Source: © GallowBoob / reddit

2. He made a great selfie though! I’m jealous! SO FUNNY!


Source: © PM_ME_YOUR_UPPERCUT / reddit

3. Hello, I’m up here!


Source: © pizzamagica / imgur

4. Handballed right in the childhood.


Source: © PaperkutRob / reddit

5. Why is he so calm? This is not funny, dude!


Source: © Gherop / reddit

6. When Bambi has no chill.


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Source: © Maklo_Never_Forget / reddit

7. Uh-oh, what is she trying to do, poke her eye out?


Source: © Unknown author / Imgur

8. See that? That’s a portal to Hell. RUN!


Source: © Shamms / reddit

9. You? The guy. Life? That incoming woman projectile.


Source: © Unknown author / reddit

10. When you fall down from your bike JUST IN TIME for some photos!


Source: © Aschebescher / reddit

11. Ahhh. Traditions and customs. They make me massage my temples.


Source: © Unknown author / Imgur

12. Caught between cement and a hard place.


Source: © brdraper / reddit

13. No guts, no glory, no belly, no story!


Source: © kavads / reddit



Source: © p07a70 / reddit

15. #YOLO?


Source: © krilled / reddit

16. “Come come now, let us drown youuuu!” Heheheheee.


Source: © Unknown author / Imgur

17. Revenge is a dish best served… Photographed?


Source: © Unknown author / Imgur

18. Looks like that couch was attempting suicide, but thank God for good people.


Source: © Unknown author / Imgur

19. You? The kid getting a shower. This article? That random water sprinkler.


Source: © poopyAR / reddit

20. Just a moment later, the person taking pic this got their head cut off by that magic card.


Source: © CleverAliases / reddit
Preview photo credit pizzamagica / imgur

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