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If you’re a true born car person like me, then you ought to remember seeing Little Tikes Cozy Coupes everywhere.

You know what I’m talking about: that little red plastic car with a yellow roof that was small enough for a kid to fit in it? And they had a squeaky toy that squeaked every time you pushed the big red button on the “dashboard”?

Well, I never got to experience my own Cozy Coupe, as in my time these things were attached to shopping carts, but these three guys from the UK took a crappy little Daewoo Matiz and transformed it into a large scale, road legal and true-to-the-original Cozy Coupe. Oh, and it can do 70 mph too.

Brothers Geoff and John Bitmead along with their friend Nigel Douglas decided to transform the small car into a toy for adult kids, and it’s highly faithful to the original.

The wheelbase was shortened so that you would actually sit with your feet close to the front wheels, and they removed the windows to keep it as faithful as possible.

These Guys Took An Old Daewoo Matiz And Turned Into A Real Life Cozy Coupe 1

Source:Digital Deconstruction

They also did some aesthetic modifications, including painting the wheels to make it even more like the original thing.

However, instead of being powered by two 3-year-old legs, the Matiz is powered by an actual engine. One that can do 70 mph. So if you’re still a kid, you might want to stick to the real thing.



But if you’re an adult looking to get some nostalgia, then this is the ride for you.

Oh and by the way, the thing cost $58,000 to modify. Roughly 1,160 toy Cozy Coupes, or around 89 well kept used Matizes. Which would you rather have?


Source: Sploid

Check out the life size CC in the video below:

Source:BBC News
Source: Autoweek
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