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Ruin someone’s day and not give a single damn? Congratulations, you are officially what the internet calls “savage”. Every time I talk about this word, I feel like an old man, and I won’t ruin the explanation because I think by this point you know what to be savage means.

So now that we’re on the subject, time to take a look at some people that were total and complete savages. Let me know if you’d consider them that, though.

1. High school teacher

If you don’t give your assignment to the teacher on the due date, that’s where it goes!

These 30 People Are Absolute And Total Savages 1

Source: Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

2. The savage truth

These 30 People Are Absolute And Total Savages 2

Source: Instagram | @jess_hyde_blog

3. Waldo cosplayer makes you feel bad

It’s true tho. Everyone seems to only care about where Waldo is rather than how he is doing.


Source: Reddit | HyphenSam

4. Great thinking grandma!


Source: Instagram | @miss.suzyb

5. The driver of this Smart car

He was tired of his convenience store not having a drive-thru window, so he took the term quite literally.

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

6. This girl’s reminder at a concert

Sometimes, this is completely the truth.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

7. This guy was convinced that the christening he was attending was a costume party

So he dressed as a holy knight!


Source: Reddit | bravobracus

8. Maybe it’s true, but it’s pretty heartless

This kid’s a savage before being a savage will become cool with his peers.


Source: Instagram | @_the.imperfect.angel_

9. Now this is called an anti-advertisement


Source: Reddit | 3kliksphiIip

10. That’s how it should be, if you ask me

And besides, hasn’t the world already moved on from fidget spinners?


Source: Instagram | @stolen.memes.420

11. Someone give this guy a hug


Source: Reddit | Sir_battmaker

12. Whoever is in charge of signs for Supercuts


Source: Reddit | Kedrico

13. That’s one place I certainly don’t want to get banned from

Feel sorry for the girl.


Source: Instagram | @ayz_9

14. Josh Brolin

In preparation for the next Deadpool movie, Josh Brolin looks like a total badass!


Source: Reddit | NotKemoSabe

15. Jerry Seinfeld when he denied a hug from Ke$ha

If you haven’t seen this clip yet, Kesha approaches Seinfeld ever so politely for a hug and is met with pure rejection from the man himself. To be fair, Jerry responded with “no thanks” multiple times before Kesha finally gave up.


Source: Reddit | MyLuckyRedHat

16. These office workers’ fridge etiquette


Source: Instagram | @r_i_c_h_i_e_rich_

17. Strategic placement for these girl scouts


Source: Reddit | 55togo

18. Why do I get the feeling that this guy got beat up by, shall I say, KFC fans?



19. This professor who literally rickrolled his students

I would never want to finish school if my professor was like this.


Source: Instagram | @flying.cows

20. And just like any sane person would do…

He wrote down the number on the package.


Source: Instagram | @theslayingtaco

21. A ticked off sibling has to get revenge some way


Source: Twitter | @gossipgriII

22. This kid who isn’t messing around


Source: Twitter | @I_AM_MOSIAH

23. Ramsay never goes easy on anyone, so this doesn’t surprise me


Source: Twitter | @GordonRamsay

24. This mom and her new friends


Source: Twitter | @Avery_Leilani

25. Certainly looks like a mum to me!


Source: Twitter | @ellieMcampbell



Source: Instagram | @theslayingtaco 

27. Well damn



28. Part of me wishes that the cops were called on whoever did this


Source: Reddit | xxseraph

29. This “Mama Almighty” that has absolutely zero chill

Almighty is right.


Source: Twitter | @indianschoolboi

30. That parking attendant is just doing his job


Source: Reddit | brody2daMAX

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