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Men’s fashion is currently all over the place. Designers that not many people have heard of are designing all kinds of pieces of clothing that will make you say “What the heck?”

I mean, do I have to go into how much stick men rompers got when they first hit the scene? You know your piece of clothing you designed is bad when the internet literally turns it into a meme, right?

Oh, you don’t believe that menswear is completely ruined beyond repair? I would suggest flipping through this gallery.

I call this one crotch lion

Men's Fashion Is Too Far Gone; Here's The Proof 2

Looks like some kind of preschool toy from the 1940s

Men's Fashion Is Too Far Gone; Here's The Proof 2

Nice sandals

Did your grandma give them to you?


Yo, I heard you like pockets, and lipstick, and um… fishnet stockings, and some more lipstick, and… oh, well.


Nice tattoo of a paperclip you got there


Looks like something Lady Cyrus would wear

That would be a fusion between Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.


I… I have no words

What do they have against nicely put lipstick, there are lines, people.




Just been gardening I see


Band about to perform?

That’s what I say.


And again


Every parent’s nightmare, right here.

“Running with scissors”.


Nope, definitely not


Is that a trash bag he’s wearing on the left?

I promise I’m trying to sound as nice as possible but it doesn’t seem to be working.


Here’s Mr. Paperclip again

Sounds like a Batman villain, doesn’t it?


Epic face paint right here


A nod to Queen Elizabeth I, we get it, fine, fine, you’re so avantgarde.


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