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Every year since 2009, when the family gathered for Thanksgiving, Reddit user IdiotSavant got challenged by their little cousin to a game of checkers. And she lost. Every. Single. Time. For most people, that feeling provides a lot of motivation to learn and improve. And she looks like she is never giving up until she finally wins. That would be extremely satisfying and the photos from the party she is planning to throw are bound to go viral.

Also, nobody likes a sore loser. Just because you lost a board game or video game doesn’t mean you have to make it like it’s someone else’s fault. And this girl is accepting her defeat with dignity and probably offered her congratulations to her cousin… well, at least sometimes. Okay, maybe just that one time.

The winner, who is obviously loving this, decided to document his cousin’s string of defeats throughout the years, and we have to admit it is pretty funny. Luckily, the pictures he took of her only involve death stares and nothing more serious, but they will still send chills down your spine.

However, things look like they are finally turning around for her this year. Maybe next year she’ll finally end this terrible losing streak once and for all. It will be very impressive if she went from losing every checkers game to winning them all and return the favor by taking photos of her cousin and posting them to the Internet. I guess the only thing we can do is wish her luck, wait and see.

For now, scroll down for nine years of failure and nine different facial expressions. Even all those defeats couldn’t stop this girl still from looking absolutely adorable and the series of photos is actually a beautiful monument of her growing up.

This article first appeared on Bored Panda.

1. Year – 2009


2. Year – 2010


3. Year – 2011


4. Year – 2012


5. Year – 2013


6. Year – 2014


We are wishing her all luck in the world for next Thanksgiving. You got this!

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