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There is something about dancing movies that just takes us to heaven when we watch them. Watching Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing with their whole hearts made us tremble and want to experience that in real life. The 1987 American romantic drama dance film Dirty Dancing is still a great inspiration today, as a couple demonstrated in the most terrible way. Sharon Price and fiance Andy Price were trying to recreate the movie’s final dance scene in a pub garden in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, UK, but they ended up flat on their backs.

The romantic couple, who have seen the movie over 30 times, wanted to recreate the famous big lift from the film, ahead of their big day. The pair, messing around in the back garden of their local pub, were shortly after rushed to the local hospital as Andy was left unconscious and Sharon was left severely winded.

Just like Jennifer Grey running towards the arms of Patrick Swayze, Sharon, 52, headed towards Andy, 51, only for them to collide. The watching family first thought they were only joking, but quickly called 999.


Sharon said: “I have always loved Dirty Dancing – it is one of my all-time favourite films. We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were messing around, trying to do the lift.”

“We immediately set about trying to recreate that iconic moment. But it’s fair to say it didn’t go to plan.”

They ended up rushing to Southmead Hospital in Bristol.


Sharon said the doctors laughed when she told them how the incident had occurred.

“We are OK now but Andy has a bruised back and neck and my back still hurts,” she added. They had a couple of drinks before they encouraged themselves to do the move.

The couple have been engaged since Christmas and have been together for 18 months after meeting at their workplace. They plan to wed next year. And, unsurprisingly, they are going for a slower dance move this time.

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