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As you may be aware of, board games really bring people together. Words with Friends is a multi-player word game developed by Newtoy, where players take turns in building words in a crossword puzzle style. This is done in a similar way to the classic board game Scrabble. Last summer, 22-year-old Spencer, a rapper from Harlem, was randomly paired with a new opponent for this popular online word game. His opponent, believe it or not, was the 86-year-old Roz, who lives in a Florida retirement community. One year and 300 games later, they meet in person and the story is beyond cute.


This is a story of how a game brought together two very different people in the cutest possible way.

In the past, it was board games that kept families or relationships close to each other. There used to be a subtle competition and a lot of fun. Nowadays, people connect to each other through online games as well, but it happens too rarely that they meet in person.


Source: Twitter | @Filth800

The Harlem boy and the 80-year-old lady played more than 300 games in more than a year and then a New York pastor named Amy Butler helped them meet in person for the first time.

Spencer flew down to Florida to meet Roz, and posted everything about it on Twitter.


Source: Twitter | @Filth800

The pictures speak for themselves.


Source: Twitter | @Filth800

They gave each other a big hug, as they were real friends, even though they haven’t met each other in person.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter fell in love with the story and it quickly went viral. Believe it or not, Spencer’s tweet has more than 244,000 retweets and over a million likes!

He also shared the statistics from their games, showing that he’s won 210 games compared to Roz’s 114.

They will probably go on with the game as well as hanging out more often.

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