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The passive aggressive behavior includes indirect resistance to the demands or avoidance of direct confrontation. However, for some individuals, the behavior itself isn’t enough so they modified it into a form of art. That is how you will tell your roommate were to place the dirty dishes and where the washing machine is.
Scroll down and take a look at these hilarious notes that yell from passion aggression, compiled by Diply.

1. You gotta appreciate the effort that went into writing, printing, and taping all these up.

Also, read them properly, with pauses.  For real, dude?


Source: Instagram | @laura.m.brewer

2. This gym has the right idea, if you ask me.

I mean it is daring, isn’t it? Plus, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Source: Reddit | Onduri

3. There are few things more disgusting than a cup of coffee that’s been left out for over a day.

Perform the experiment inside a proper room. A laboratory, for instance. The guy has a point.


Source: Instagram | @dillykelbeck

4.Tiny art gallery signs around each little mess.

I mean, you have to admit that this roommate is extra creative. Good one!


Source: Reddit

5. Just in case you were unaware of the fact that microwaves can get dirty from time to time.

If these instructions steps don’t help you I don’t know what might.


Source: Instagram | @neilhalper

6. Apparently these simple post-it notes are the best thing in this person’s life!

The time wasted to write these, probably equals the time you need to buy new ones and plenty for just three dollars.


Source: Instagram | @desiredart

7. Fortunately, this co-worker knows they’re being passive aggressive. But at least the person apologized!

In order to emphasize properly use ketchup!


Source: Reddit | Brodoor

8. You wouldn’t want to separate a child from their mother, would you?

If this doesn’t make you throw out the garbage I don’t know what will. Plus, great idea for a Pixar movie.


Source: Reddit | Artemistical

9. Sometimes taking the positive spin on your passive aggression is the best move.

On point!


Source: Instagram | @annacbradbury

10. Everyone knows that one guy in the office who’s basically the definition of annoying — fend them off from both fronts!

Almost haunting and creepy.


Source: Instagram | @aumelaude

11. You always gotta appreciate a team effort when responding to a passive-aggressive note!

You never know who are you really playing with. The note made them do it.


Source: Instagram | @passiveaggressivenotes

12. And we all know how horribly awful some people are when it comes to parking.

Now you know, this should do the trick. Put in your car as many as you can.


Source: Instagram | @passiveaggressivenotes

13. This gal who’s proactively passive-aggressive. That’s a thing.

Well, not too far from the truth, right?


Source: Daily Dawdle

14. There is nothing more precious in the office than the communal fridge.

If adding a meme helps, then okay.


Source: Instagram | @thats_atroshus

15. People who are used to having a dishwasher don’t even realize what a luxury it is! You don’t have to do them by hand!

That is if you find where the machine is located.


Source: Instagram | @incrediblemelk

16. Sometimes passive aggression isn’t enough, and you have to make the slow turn towards actual aggression!

Just a friendly reminder.


Source: Instagram | @passiveaggressivenotes

17. Maybe cracking some jokes about how terrible the printer is will get it fixed.

But maybe it helped


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

18. At least if you’re going to leave a passive-aggressive note, spell it right.

I mean at least, if you don’t want them to strike back.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

19. This neighbor who is so welcoming.

A great welcome. The person might want to consider moving out.


Source: Imgur | Daily Dawdle

20. Nice try, Dave.

And what about the other Daves now?


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

21. At least this person realizes that they’re a cruel.

But, maybe they want just what is in the middle.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

22. Whoever drew the winky face knew what they were doing.

The check marks are extra motivating


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

23. Office spaces are clearly full of hypocrites.

And so on and so on.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

24. If it’s still there tomorrow, you should circle it with a permanent marker

And a fluorescent one.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

25. This driver who’s laying down the law in cartoon note form.

It is scary you have to admit


Source: Imgur | RyGuyNJ

26. Don’t forget the bottomless trust fund

Another friendly reminder.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

27. That’s how buttons work.

It might be true.


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

28. For real, seriously,really though? This one is almost too over the top!

Do you feel the anger through the note?


Source: Instagram | @quiet_interlude

29. I’ve never wanted to understand a photo so much in my entire life


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

30. Wait, if the door is alarmed, should the people inside also be alarmed?

How on Earth does this work?


Source: Imgur | drbatookhan

31. The woman who wants her neighbors to pick up after their dog.

This time you are welcomed for the next one you probably know.


Source: Imgur | raudssus

32. The neighbor who wanted to make a point…in permanent ink.

And isn’t that what dogs do actually?


Source: Imgur

33. The couple who can’t handle the fun going on downstairs.

The kind new neighbors have a kind request.


Source: Imgur | lexjac

34. The guy who just wants to play in peace.

Well, he apologized and plus he gave you a free extra advice at the end of the note.


Source: Passive Aggressive Notes

35. The neighbor who’s “easily creeped out.”

But, no offense.


Source: Imgur | ImgurBot5000

36. This neighbor who thought this threat would work.

They promised! They keep their promises …maybe.


Source: reddit | crystalhawks
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