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Sometimes even a small typo can make the biggest difference. After all, you want your shirt to say Lucky, not Sucky. What would people think? Or, how would you feel if your milkshake tells you to share your wiener love? Pardon me, a bit forward aren’t you Mr. shake? However, sometimes typos are inevitable and happen even to the best of us. Luckily for everyone, we have the Internet; the amazing place where people share photos of unfortunate typos or unintentional mistakes for everyone to enjoy.

These funny pictures compiled by the Chive will prove why teachers always say that spelling is very, very important. And also, how sometimes things happened to be in the right position at the wrong time. Do you think that placing a Superman poster in front of a water fountain is a smart idea? Or, can you sport sneakers that are both Nike and Adidas?

Keep scrolling to see these hilarious and shocking slip-ups and decide for yourself. Just try not to cringe too much.

1. Got bad gas


2. Brow micro blading


3. Your wiener love?


4. Lucky-sucky


5. Octopus basketball player


6. Premium stripper


7. In case of fire…um?


8. Should Jesus Ween replace Halloween?


9. That’s unfortunate


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