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Mountains are mystical places. Many are unexplored are really difficult to navigate. They are symbols of strength and power. A mountain tattoo inked on your skin could represent how mystical and unpredictable you are.

Also, the mountains are a symbol of strength and power: they always stand strong through the severest of weather conditions. So, your mountain-inspired tattoo could be a metaphor for the hardships you have survived. Mountain-inspired tattoos have become more and more popular, with many mind-blowingly vivid designs finding their place on the skin of adventure-lovers.

A large one on your back or a mini tattoo on your arms or feet – their placement and size are completely up to you. They can be elegant and minimalistic, but also large, colorful, or even abstract. Some of Mother Nature’s most impressive creations like the mighty Himalayas and the Carpathians, together with other majestic mountain ranges can serve as an inspiration to you for your new tat.

Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling and check out some amazing ideas for mountain ink jobs, courtesy of

1. A surreal mountain tattoo


2. A realistic landscape mountain tattoo


3. Geometrical mountain reflection


4. Mountain ranges


5. Colorful mountain stargaze


6. An amazing abstract design


7. Minimalistic behind-the-ear piece


8. Camping/rainbow details


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