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Oh, no! Christmas is almost upon us… And you know what that means. You have to decorate your house. The pain!

What for some people is a very enjoyable activity that lets them use their imagination and creativity, for others it is just a chore that just needs to be done and done as fast and easy as possible. Sometimes you can’t be bothered to untangle a bunch of tightly interwoven Christmas lights, or to unpack the tree, or to even get a tree in the first place. It’s too much work and for what? Only to make more work for yourself when a month later you will have to take everything down again. It’s just not worth it!

But the fact that these people are lazy doesn’t mean that they’re not creative. They are indeed highly imaginative when it comes to thinking up simpler alternatives to complicated problems (aka decorating). Check out their solutions in this list compiled by Bored Panda.

1. Decorating in progress… Please hold.


Source: frizzzzle

2. The nativity scene that is sure to bring a tear to your eye


Source: rjschirmer

3. Oh come on, you can do better than that! If you bothered putting that up, you’re not lazy enough – you gotta up your game and do nothing next time!



4. When the store is a full block away and that’s just too great a distance to traverse for new decorations


Source: jigitz

5. It’s all fun and games until the police come knocking on your door. No, they really did, and he had to take this down.


Source: greentintedlenses

6. Santa fell off his sleigh some years ago…


Source: savage_irony

7. Not sure I like this decoration. It’s kinda meh.


Source: Jumbo_Steak

8. Put up a Christmas tree, they said… but they didn’t specify the size!


Source: maaaarisa

9. Someone decided to craft Christmas decorations this year but gave up halfway through


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