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If you happen to get your hands on something nice, make sure you protect it, because the world will find a way to destroy it.
Sometimes, people are jerks who just want to see the world burn and ruin things for everyone. Those people, like the ones on this list compiled by Diply, are the reason why we can’t have nice things. But, in some cases your worst enemy is yourself. Or, your cat.

Keep scrolling to see these pictures that show why people can’t have nice things.

1. Want a nice photo with your friends?

Everything for a good photograph. Just smile through the pain, you can do it.


Source: Twitter | @haileeah

2. This is a major reason why we can’t have nice things. There aren’t enough to go around.

What did this guy did to deserve this? However, he looks like he has accepted his destiny.


Source: Instagram | @hereforthebanter_

3. No need to worry about this, now that we have Netflix and HBO

No one can steal your favorite movies from you.


Source: Reddit | RadarMuzik

4. Heartbreaking

It’s time to find some stronger materials.


Source: Instagram | @mememang

5. Dad jokes

This one is pretty good actually. The cat looks fabulous in it.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

6. In some rare moments, the nice thing will survive no matter what tries to destroy it

This wall is a winner.


Source: Instagram | @meme.w0rld

7. Nooo all that food…

I think we should blame the pan.


Source: Reddit | PKA97

8. Someone enjoys seeing people trip

There’s no way somebody didn’t do that on purpose.


Source: Instagram | @memelif3

9. Another dad joke

That’s a pretty dark sense of humor. Too soon, man. Too soon.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

10. Why would anyone should be told not to rip out drywall?

I mean it’s pretty obvious.


Source: Reddit | mac7607

11. This guy is 2 cool for school

Human creativity at it’s best.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

12. Ladies..

Whoever made Kinder Eggs illegal in the United States is responsible for lack of nice things.



13. Stop trying to eat me machine!

That’s one hungry vacuum cleaner.


Source: Reddit | Slimmer89

14. Yikes.

That’s one savage niece.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

15. Who thought that this painting is okay to be put there?

Wait, did the painter intend for this to happen, or were they just trying to be cute until someone ran into it?


Source: Reddit | roadsaint

16. Even thought this looks shady, trust the guy who is selling it when he says you are getting a great deal

All you have to do is not ask him how he got it.


Source: Reddit | d-slam

17. Hello there friends..

Just think, now somebody can pull that down and bother you whenever they want.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

18. It looks like even these bringdown artists can’t escape their own buzzkill.


Source: Reddit | AlphaLionX

19. Sometimes, your worst enemy is yourself



Source: Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

20. Just when you decided to finally past that course

Oh well, there is always next semester.


Source: Reddit | TuskenRaiders

21. This cat’s looking at us like it didn’t just tunnel through this couch like the Tasmanian Devil

But it still looks adorable.  Looks like it’s time for a new couch human.


Source: Reddit | Gadawgfan

22. Wait, what?

I doubt he will find a doctor who is willing to do that.



23. You are doing it wrong

I guess this is what happens when you order booze at a place owned by someone who doesn’t like drinking.


Source: Twitter | @david_j_roth

24. That’s one curious person

I mean who haven’t wonder how make up tastes, right?


Source: Instagram |
From: diply

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