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Let’s face the reality: no one likes school. Even some adults get stressed out when they remember that school is starting soon, which means another semester of cheating, stress and boring classes. even though they’re not going to school themselves. Of course, a lot of schools around the world try their best to make things fun for the students in them, and some of them with limited success. However, these particular schools have cracked it, and to tell you the truth, if my school had these inventions, I wouldn’t feel like skipping classes every day.

1. This makes traveling the hallways more fun

The stairs are just too tiring.


2. Innovative!


3. And another slide

This time to get to recess faster. To be fair we all ran out through the door for recess anyways so this might be a little pointless.


4. I. Need. This

Can you imagine how useful this is? You’re stressed out, and you just take bubble wrap out of this dispenser, pop it and be satisfied.


5. A perfect spot for recess


Sounds like an amazing place to have some fun in! One of those things that makes me wish I was a kid again.


6. Next level stuff


7. Highly thoughtful

One step towards better education.


8. Not my kind of vending machine

I mean, don’t get me wrong, these are definitely a good idea, but I prefer to get a bag of chips and a soda out of a vending machine rather than a compass and a pack of rulers.


9. I see what you did there


10. A real life periodic table

I wonder if these students have special classes where they can actually interact with these elements.


11. Better than PE


12. Good if you’re into chemistry


13. A great idea



Every single school in the world, no matter the age, needs this.


15. If your school allows phones, this might be a good idea


16. All math teachers need this


17. An interesting idea

I’d rather have them paint a portrait of the student that they belong to.


18. Another vending machine

But in a different style.


Do you think that all this stuff should have existed when you went to school? Have any other ideas to suggest? Share them as well as your thoughts in the comments!

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