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It happens only too often that when men get sick, they think it’s the end of the world. From strong and brave, they turn into these sensitive and touchy creatures that want all of their partner’s attention. It’s not always the case, but you’ve probably seen a few men who turn into babies whenever they catch a cold. So, what’s the best you can do in these situations? Well, it’s complicated. You can either get frustrated and care about them as their mother would, or you can post their predicament on the internet and laugh about it with the rest of the world. Diply made a collection of posts about husbands who didn’t take their cold lightly.

1. That’s the right definition, isn’t it?

The word “man” fits the definition perfectly.


2. When he has the flu, it means that it’s way worse for the woman

It’s true!

Twitter | @bekahrobertswar

3. The difference between her and him being sick is huge: sometimes, girls are simply tougher than men

Twitter | @LorieGZ

4. It sums up pretty much everything

Women can basically do anything when they are sick. Men, on the other hand, think they are dying.

Instagram | @catanacomics

5. This is the possible future for every woman out there

Twitter | @yenniwhite

6. Putting up with men during their cold is a huge challenge

Twitter | @MUMSIEesq

7. Complaining about it every single second on every single social media outlet

Twitter | @benji_IRL

8. This is a nice description for men to realize what it’s like to give birth

Twitter | @G130J

9. They are panicking every single second during their sickness

The violin is necessary, though.

Twitter | @DannyBMiller

10. You need to know what to do in these emergency situations

I’m pretty sure donuts are the answer to most problems in life…

Twitter | @sk3ll3rs

11. Self-prescription is so underrated

Women know what’s best!

Twitter | @PorthcawlGas

12. Men like being pampered every so often, so some of them even pretend they have the flu

That way, they can stay on that couch forever!

Reddit | Iamgoodandyouare

13. Women will find a way to do almost anything with a cold. Men will just lay down and suffer.

Of course, they won’t suffer in silence! Everyone will know all about it.

Twitter | @Bosswerty

14. Posting about it makes it easier…

…and it’s always good to get the internet’s opinion on your final resting place.

Twitter | @Kidcowboy2

15. Sometimes, women decide to move on. And they shouldn’t be judged.

Good luck out there, we’ll miss you.

Twitter | @Zedamark

16. The perfect gift for him

That mug in the bottom right corner is just perfect!

Tumblr | masculinityissofragile

Here are some more funny pictures found on the internet.

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