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Male and female brains differ a lot, and it becomes even more obvious when you watch men and women do the same things. When it comes to parenting, for instance, the differences are not only huge but also hilarious. Just think about spending time with your mom versus spending time with your dad for a moment, and everything will become clearer. Diply has compiled a collection of some obvious differences between moms and dads that many of you will relate to.

1. Spending quality time with your children is very important

Moms and dads do this in a different way most of the time. Take a look at the picture and see for yourself.

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2. When you’re both stressed out and exhausted, but the wife always finds the missing thing around the house

Often times, it’s in the obvious spot, but husbands will never see it.

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3. When you seize the moment and cherish that infant period because children grow up so fast

Mom will probably never forget the smell of your baby hair. Dad will never forget those memorable faces he made you do.


4. Moms and dads and their unwritten duties in the household

Things are changing with each generation, but we are still stuck in-between, aren’t we?

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5. Napping with your little one is something you look forward to

Moms have nailed it to perfection. Dads, on the other hand, just trust their baby doesn’t roll off the bed as they pass out hard.

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6. When your parents come out to support you in a hilarious way

Okay, at least they both made you a sign.

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7. When it’s bath time, mom and dad couldn’t do it more differently!

No wonder kids are so confused about what they are allowed to do when taking a bath.

Reddit | diloshtanza

8. When you’re taking a family road trip and you start packing

Reddit | lokkimughal

9. When you aren’t as creative as your partner when it comes to using your spawn

Because in the mind of a dad, baby bums make for perfect mouse pads.

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10. When your father is the one putting up the Christmas tree


11. When Daddy gets out the cellophane-wrapped tree from last year

Actually, when you think about it, it’s really efficient!


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12. When “semi-formal” means something different to each of your parents

That man actually took the phrase as literally as possible! I’m crying!

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