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Moving from one job to another or transferring to another town is often times stressful. Especially if you’ve made such great friends and you are going to miss them like hell. It’s not rare for the co-workers to do nice things for you such as surprise parties, presents, or goodbye letters. And that can not go without a wonderful cake. Employees cakes are the best. When somehing is being celebrated, you can’t wait to hang out and have a chat while eating this sugary goodness. But some employees decide to make things even funnier and go creative with the cakes. They put all of their feelings in the cake, and the results are often hilarious.

1. Vet office worker.

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Do you think anyone would bother to try this cake? Hopefully, it’s delicious!

2. Exposing your feelings at the right moment.


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It’s so hard when you hide your feelings. Hence, the sad face.

3. Then there are those who question your motives.


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4. Ending badly


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Apparently, you need to work hard, too!

5. Not-so-polite cake


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6. Eating the cake is out of the question.


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If you need the recommendation, that is.

7. Guess this person wasn’t there long enough.


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It’s cute-looking, though.

8. Just another way to say “We’ll Miss You”.


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With these two simple words.

9. What a creation!


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Too cool to be eaten.

10. From husband to wife.


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That’s what you call a supportive spouse!

11. This person left to take care of monkeys in Africa.


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So “appropriate”.

12. Express your feelings!


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Don’t hold back!

13. This person is probably gone.


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It might just be the third cake already.

14. Last day at a grooming salon.


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The clients will miss you terribly.

15. This person is moving to a new team at work.


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Listen to them, James!


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