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I don’t know about you, but I prefer glass bottles over plastic ones. Not only are they more durable, but they look  a whole load nicer too. For that latter reason, they can actually be transformed into quite a few amazing things, and it’s worth it because glass bottles these days are rare (unless you count alcohol) and it’s nice to keep them and re-purpose them into something that’s both easy on the eye and highly useful.

So if you have any kind of glass bottle at home, go pick it up and get ready for these 13 ways to breathe new life into old glass bottles!

1. Beautiful picture frames

Store bought frames are pretty boring anyway.

13 Amazing Uses For Old Glass Bottles 1
Source: DIY Network

2. Painted vases

Give the bottles a nice, fresh, decorative coat of paint, fill them with a bit of water and some flowers and check it out!

13 Amazing Uses For Old Glass Bottles 2
Source: Brit + Co.

3. A newspaper design

Source: The Wicker House

4. Kitchen containers

Pasta, rice etc. can all go in old glass bottles like these here, especially those from brands like Voss.

Source: Pinterest via Maria Marra

5. A much nicer looking spray bottle

Ditch the plastic bottle that your cleaning solution comes in and put it in a glass bottle, complete with the spray nozzle.

Source: Body Unburdened

6. Candle holders

You gotta admit that this looks a whole lot better.

Source: Ruffled Blog

7. Bird feeders

Have some birds that keep coming back to your yard for food? Why not be polite and give them a nice place to eat it out of?

Source: DIY n’ Crafts

8. Outdoor planters

You might have seen this one before, but glass bottles are very good at storing plants, and this is one of the greatest decorations you can put in your house.

Source: Incourage Military Wives

9. Coca Cola bottle glasses

A vintage Coca Cola bottle can be cut in half and transformed into a cool retro glass.

Source: Etsy

10. Tiki torches

Source: Redeem Your Ground

11. Fancy lights

Just look how whimsical and amazing they are! It’s incredibly easy to make and will certainly stand out among your decorations.

Source: Homesthetics

12. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are very relaxing to listen to, and it’s especially so when you know you’ve built them yourself!

Source: Bottle Rascvet

13. Rustic wall decor

Source: Etsy
From: tiphero

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