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If you’re into DIY, then you already know that the Dollar store is your best friend when it comes to crafting. Saving money is basically the main motivation behind the whole process, isn’t it? Well, that, and the satisfaction of employing your creativity into making something useful with your own two hands. But still, variety stores do have most of the materials you need when making stuff, so you might as well use it. And here is how to do exactly that. These 12 DIY ideas require only things you might find at your local 99-cent store, so you know they’re super affordable, super easy to make, as well as super useful and cool. Just hit the links under the pictures for detailed tutorials! This list was compiled by Diply.

1. Wastebasket pendant light

Farmhouse decor is super popular at the moment, which, of course, can be loosely translated as ‘it costs a fortune’. But you don’t have to pay for it when you can just DoItYourself!


The Kim Six Fix

2. Spring decoupage bunny decor

Is ‘how to make a cute bunny even cuter’ something you have often wondered? The answer is here, my friends! It is doable via the art of decoupage!


Little Birdie Secrets

3. Silly face Lego storage

You wouldn’t want to keep your child’s Legos in an ordinary bucket and who can blame you? Luckily, it’s easy to convert an ordinary bucket into an extraordinary one: just paint a silly face on it!


Chubby Bunny Creations

4. Moss covered bunny canvas art

You do know what all of these bunnies mean, right? Easter is coming and you better prepare well! Create the perfect tablescape or sideboard with a mossy bunny picture!


Domestically Creative

5. Elegant $5 centerpiece

You can have a fancy centerpiece for your upcoming dinner party without wasting money on an expensive florist! All the ingredients you need are sold at the Dollar store!


Glam Wife

6. Succulent wreath

You know what’s even better than a wreath? Half a wreath! Seriously, look at it! Don’t you think it would look perfect hanging on your front door?


Rachel Teodoro

7. Candy heart centerpiece

If you need a centerpiece but the one we mentioned before is too elegant and not playful enough, here is the perfect solution for you!


A Day In My Life

8. Easter egg wreath

There’s no better way to spend a weekend with your kids than messing around with this project. The results are just eggcelent!


Wine And Glue

9. Picture frame terrarium

Terrariums can be pretty expensive, but not if you make them yourself! And you know what you can use for that? Picture frames!


HomeTalk | Alicia W

10. Party animal magnets

Cut toy animals in half… yeah, I know, just bear with me… Cut them in half, spray paint them, and there you go: super cute fridge magnets!


Sugar And Cloth

11. Garden gathering basket

If you grow your own vegetables, you might find this combination of a laundry bin and a plastic tub extremely useful. You can use it to gather, wash, and transport your produce!


The Kitchen Garten

12. Votive candle holders

Candle holders have never looked chicer! They’re easy to make and all you need is a few candlesticks from the Dollar store and some spray paint!


Lily Ardor
Source: Diply

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